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JSF HTML tag library - OutputText


The outputText tag renders basic text on your JSF page. You can customize it using standard attributes of h:outputText tag. You can add styles to it. Define the logic when it will be rendered. Also, if your output text will render some HTML code from the database, in order to render it appropriately you would set escape attribute to false.


<h:outputText value="#{yourbean.hello}" />

HTML Output

Hello message of your bean!

Tag Attributes

The value-binding expression linking this component tag to a backing bean property.
The converter attribute sets the converter instance to be registered for this component. It must match the converter-id value of a converter element defined in your Faces configuration file.
The escape attribute is a boolean flag that determines if sensitive HTML and XML characters should be escaped in the ourput generated by this component. The default value for this attribute is "true".
The unique identifier value for this component. The value must be unique within the closest naming container.
A value-binding expression that evaluates to a Boolean condition indicating if this component should be rendered.
styleCSS Style
The style attribute sets the CSS style definition to be applied to this component when it is rendered.
styleClassCSS Class
The styleClass attribute sets the CSS class to apply to this component when it is rendered.
The title attribute is a standard HTML attribute that sets the tooltip text to display for the rendered component.
The value attribute sets the current value for this component.

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