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Environment configuration for Java EE platform

Greetings dear readers.

In this tutorial you will see the environment I am working in while developing Java EE applications. Write now I am working as a web developer developing applications on JBOSS AS using JSF, SEAM, Richfaces, PrettyFaces and some other frameworks. In this tutorial the main aspect will be the configuration of your work space.

What is Application Server?

It is a server which has in-built services that makes your application a much more powerful tool. Those services include security, load balancing, transaction support and much more. Application servers are usually used to create enterprise applications. In the upcoming articles you will get a better understanding of application servers.

Environment configuration

1. Install the latest JDK
2. Download JBOSS AS (preferably of version 7*)
3. Install it the desired directory
4. Add an environment variables $JAVA_HOME and $JBOSS_HOME targeting on your JDK and JBOSS directory respectively.
5. In order to start a development process you need an IDE. There is plenty of them but I would suggest Eclipse because it has a good integration with JBOSS (through Jboss Tools plugin for Eclipse). 
6. Download Jboss Tools Plugin.
7. Install it into Eclipse

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to write it in the comments. It is enough for this time. In the next tutorial I will explain how to configure Eclipse to work with JBOSS. 

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