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Eclipse configuration for JBOSS

Hello dear readers.

In this tutorial I will explain how to configure Eclipse, so we can finally move to development process. 

If you have not yet downloaded all the tools you need for development, then see the previous article. Now you need the following:
1. Window >> Preferences >> Java >> Installed JREs >> Link to your JDK
2. Window >> Preferences >> Server >> Runtime Environments >> Add

  • Pick your version of Jboss
  • Specify the directory of your JBOSS
  • Choose your JDK
  • Specify the path to your main configuration file of Jboss - standalone.xml ($JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml)
  • Specify the type of the server (Local || Externally managed)
Now your environment is practically ready to start programming. In the next tutorial we will take a quick overview of the techniques we will use for development and write our first application.

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